I am feeling much better this week. I have much more energy. It is amazing what a difference a few days make.

Yesterday, I had a consultation regarding the stem cell transplant. It was a great meeting, at a Hamilton hospital. Most of my many questions were answered. I need two more rounds of chemo before the operation. This makes all kinds of rational sense as the chemo I am presently taking is working, and the stem cell transplant will be much more effective if the cancer is already reduced greatly. This will mean that the process for the transplant will begin in early May, with the actual transplant occurring in early June. There will be a three to six month recovery from this.

It is disappointing to hear that I need two more rounds of chemo treatments before the transplant. I had wanted the last treatment to be the last! I am also realizing that there is no quick end to this process. I am now getting more accustomed to the news, but I know that patience will be needed. The grace will be there to take this a step at a time. The upcoming spring weather will help me get through it, I am sure. The good news, I have to remind myself, is that the present chemo is working! The ulcers continue to heal.