It is a long time since I updated the blog. I am well into my third round of the chemo, and have completed two treatments a week apart. The side effects seemed more manageable this time. I am now on the rebound before my next treatment on April 11.

Spring has arrived, even though we still have snow on the ground. The spring energy is pulling me outside to enjoy the smells and sounds. (I was beginning to feel a bit housebound.) I love this time of the year. I am getting anxious to get in the garden. However, my efforts at gardening this year likely will be minimal. This is also Easter weekend, a beautiful liturgical time of the year. It is easy to experience the resurrection all around!

I have had some visitors from PEI. About ten days ago, my mother, sister (Irene) and niece (Kailee) visited. My niece was checking out some Ontario universities, including the University of Guelph. It was nice to have them here. We even had a game of cards. We also had an early birthday cake (made by my cousin, Susan) for my mother. She turned 80 on March 25. My family is celebrating her birthday later today in Summerside. It is quite a milestone. Mom still has much energy and is game for anything, for which I am grateful. I am expecting my nephew (Matthias)and his friend to arrive here later today. They live in Ottawa.