This week has been difficult as expected. Once I went off the steroid last Sunday, I had no energy for a few days. I had the second treatment of this cycle on Thursday, but there were few side effects from this one. So, I am on the rebound. The ulcers continue to improve.

I am hoping that this is the last chemo treatment that I will be getting. I am ready for it to end! This week I seem to have gotten wearier with it, perhaps because I was anticipating the end. I felt quite house-bound.

I have a consultation for the next phase of the treatment, the stem cell transplant, on Tuesday, the 12th. I will probably learn then if more chemo is needed before the operation, and I am hoping to find out much more about the operation as well.

I can feel spring in the air even though we have lots of snow still. We are having warmer days but cool evenings – maple syrup weather. I am now looking forward to spring. Once I get the spring bug, I have less patience for winter! I love the change of seasons.