(by Shirley, a friend from Wikwemikong)


A teacher, a mentor and shepherd with love,

sent by God from up above,

You’ve shown us Jesus. You’ve taught us the way.

By being an example of Christ’s love each day.

You are a teacher in all that you do,

always pointing to Jesus through and through.

You are a mentor we look to in trails and

you send us to Jesus to walk, the tough miles.

You know that He is the answer ALWAYS

and send us to him, to get through the haze.

You are shepherd by tending your sheep

some frightened, some worn, some tattered, some weak,

You always care and help us to find

contentment and joy in Jesus Divine.

When we wander away from the rest of the flock,

You seek to find and lead back to the Rock,

You’ve sought His will and carried your Cross,

by teaching His sheep, so there would be no lost.

One day in heaven, you’ll hear Jesus say


This humbly we Pray