I just received this email from Angela after getting home from Church tonight….

Hi Richard;

I just wanted to let you know personally, that James passed away at 9:50pm tonight with his loving family around him and Fr. Bill Clarke. It was a holy event and very moving. We prayed, sang songs, and told stories. I am so grateful that James was able to give us this final gift at Christmas of his presence.

Each one of us has our special memories of James/Jim…
I remember the first day I met him when he entered the Jesuits in 1980 at Guelph. I remember the last time I said my “Goodbye” to him in Guelph just a few weeks ago…..

Words cannot encompasss…

Yet prayer can transcend words and connect us with the unreachable….
May I offer up these few lines from the Byzantine Funeral Office:

O Creator, You created me at the beginning to be a citizen of paradise and a tiller of the earth…

Grant me the homeland of my heart’s desire, making me again a citizen of paradise

O Master, You are the fountain of life…. Make Your faithful servant, James, who has left this life to dwell in the delight of paradise.

May God grant James a Remembrance from Eternity and place him where the Just repose.