James’ sister, Angela, was kind enough to send us this update (winter storms on PEI notwithstanding) on Saturday, January 4, 2014.

I am very thankful to God for giving us a Christmas and New Year’s with James. For James’ family in P.E.I., we don’t always have the pleasure of his company at Christmas time. So, this year has been a precious and blessed Christmas season for us. James was able to come home to the Profit Homestead for New Years Day. What a way to begin 2014. The wonderment of the Christmas season has been revealed to us in many ways. I have witnessed James’ strength, kindness, and love in the face of death. I have so many times wondered how I would handle such circumstances, as I experience James’ journey. I guess what comes to mind is the mystery of God’s will. The statement in our Lords prayer, “Thy will be done,” so eloquently stated by my sister Sheila, when we were experiencing what we thought was James last moments, rings clearer to me now. My maternal grandfather stated that; you only need ever to say one prayer, the “Lord’s Prayer,” because “Thy will be done.” This prayer has had more meaning to me lately. I have also felt that the story of Jesus is more evident to me now than before. When you experience a love one going through the pains of cancer, it is hard not to see the connection to Jesus. My hope is that James will be filled with grace and peace, as we continue on this journey.

I spent yesterday evening and through the night with James. We had a major winter storm in P.E.I. yesterday and getting to the hospital was a challenge. However, with dinner in hand, we made it safe and sound. James had stated earlier in the day to my sister Jean that he would like pizza, so Jean set off to fulfill that wish. She went to the grocery store, in the snowstorm and purchased the ingredients to a most wonderful pizza. She made three types of pizza to satisfy everyone’s desires. As we gathered together with James for dinner, it was evident that he was pleased. The evening continued with, . . . a game of cards. We played a most favorite game with our family “Auction 45’s.” Now, thankfully, James was my partner. As I have stated in previous blog entries, James has been undefeated at cards. Well, last night he did not disappoint. With a bid of 25 he securely defeated his challengers. I was only too glad that I happened to be on his team. Two thumbs up for James. This was quite a feat for him yesterday, as he was very tired and had slept most of the day.

As this New Year continues, I am reminded that God works in mysterious ways. I am not sure just yet what the end plan is for James. I know that what ever it is, God is with us. May you continue to enjoy 2014 and the grace and peace that comes with it.