Angela sent this update on James for Saturday, December 28th:

Interestingly what I have noticed in this cancer journey, is that blessings occur every day. My Christmas wish this year was for James to be strong enough to come home for Christmas. As we waited patiently for Christmas, we entered a stage of the unknown “will he make it home?” This wish was granted. I have discovered a new meaning of living each day to the fullest. Also, that each day of life is a gift, now rings more loudly to me. Sense James’ trip home for Christmas I did not expect, James to be sleeping through the night with not much interruption. He has been eating better and appears to be stronger both in body and spirit. I have noticed that when visiting with James, he has been able to carry on a conversation, read a newspaper, or write something. He is more alert, noticing things going on around him. When my brother Ron spent time with him they even played cards. James asked to challenge Ron to a game of Cribbage. Now, cards in our family is a right of passage. Everyone learns how to play cards. Many a time is spent around the dining room table playing a variety of card games with family, relatives, and friends. Now last week my measurement of health for James was, “eating Ice Cream.” This week, I am changing it to “Card Playing.” This was not a feet capable of James last week. You are probably wondering the result of Ron and James’ Cribbage game. Well I don’t know that Ron would want me to mention this but,… about two thirds into the game James got tired, so they stopped. I understand Ron was just as glad that the game ended, as James was winning. Although I know that cancer has it’s ups and downs, I am enjoying that we have this window of opportunity to experience a sense of normality with this sickness. Thank you God for our many blessings.

We too thank God for the blessings poured out upon James even in such circumstances.
And we thank you, Angela and Irene, for all your updates and the family for looking after James with such love and care.
And we thank James for being James and being faithful.