(Christmass as reported to us by James’ sister, Angela)

Christmas Day at the Profit Homestead went without a hitch.  What a glorious day it has been.  After weeks of snow and inclement weather, the sun was shining bright and all was good in the universe.  I was with James for Christmas morning.  He appeared to be rested and with more energy than I had seen in a while.  He was talkative and very much looking forward to Christmas at home.  He ate some turkey dinner at the hospital.  He asked a few times if it was 3pm yet, the slated time for departure.  My sister Norma rode in the ambulance with him, as he journeyed to home.  He was set up in the bedroom on the main floor, able to see all that was going on.  Many family members and cousins kept him entertained throughout the day.  Although he didn’t eat any turkey supper, he did manage to eat Maureen’s “ice cream cake.”  I have to say, Maureen is famous for her ice cream cakes.  I tested it before giving it to James, to make sure it was fit to eat.  She did not disappoint.

James opened gifts from his God children, nieces/nephews, siblings, etc.  Fun was had by all.  The prayers and good wishes were answered today.  I know my Christmas wish was to have James at home.  This is what I am most grateful for. Upon his departure back to the hospital around 10pm, he seemed happy and content.  Prior to his adventure home today, I stated to him that he had to get better to make it home for Christmas.  I thanked him for that.  I asked him to continue to get better, so he can come home for New Year’s.  He agreed that he would do this and I believe he will.  The power of positive thinking and a belief that anything is possible, is what I have witnessed today.  The gifts we have received through this cancer journey are still being revealed to us.  Thank you for all the motivation, phone call messages, and support that has been given to James and us as a family.  We were thrilled that he could make it home today.  His will to live and keep on going, is truly inspirational.  A blessed Christmas indeed.