Update on James today from his sister, Angela – Tuesday, December 24th (received on Christmass eve):

“I visited James today and found him to be waiting.  He said to me, “am I going home today?”  As he had asked this question of me, he had realized that it was indeed only Christmas Eve.  I said, “one more day to Christmas James.”  Everyday his cancer wounds have their bandages changed.  Yesterday when his bandages were changed, he experienced immense pain, more than before.  They decided that today they would put him under to change his dressings, as the pain was so great.  Today he got along much better.  He is not in as much pain after the change in bandages.  Relief for James.

What has given me great solace, is the experience of the hospital care staff at the Prince County Hospital.  The attention, care, and love given to James, is so appreciated.  They really go beyond to make sure he is taken care of and in doing so, I feel taken care of when I am there.  His cancer doctor is on holidays this week.  He has checked in with James these past two days to make sure everything is going well for him and his potential visit home tomorrow.  I have noticed the interaction between the health care workers(nurses, resident care workers, LNA’s, etc.) and James.  He always shows a smile and a thank you for any help given to him.  I marvel at his strength and positive disposition in how he deals with this disease.  He is aware of the good wishes and prayers offered for him.  I have shared to James the comments from the blog and emails sent addressed to him.  He is very much grateful for all the good wishes, prayers, and thoughtful dialogue shared.  Thank you everyone for showing James just how much he means to us all.  As we wait for Christmas, I wish you all a wonderful and blessed Christmas season.”