(an update from James’ sister, Angela)

I had the pleasure of spending the day with James today, Monday, December 23 at Prince County Hospital.  He was much more alert and able to converse with us.  His face had some colour in it.  He did not sleep as much as he had been doing in previous days.

I discovered that James has a love for ice cream, a not uncommon love with many members of my family.  This preferred food choice has taken on a health measurement for me.  If I can get him to eat it, I know that he is ok.  He ate a bit of ice cream today.

When speaking with his nurse and the two doctors that provide care to him, the question James needed an answer to is: “when can I go home?”  This answer is what he is living for.  Everyday he has asked this question.  Finally, this afternoon, his cancer doctor stated that he felt James may be able to come home on Christmas day for a few hours. The answer he has wanted to hear, thus giving him a sense of purpose to endure the pain.

We have experienced some amazing moments with James.  Cancer has given us a chance to let James know how much he is loved and to say good bye.  Now, we are continuing to be blessed, by the news that he may be able to experience a final wish, Christmas with family, a blessed Christmas indeed.