subtitle: Back in Summerside

(here is an update from James’ sister, Angela)

I was able to stay with James at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Charlottetown, through the night.  As morning approached, James awoke, having experienced a good night’s sleep.  He was able to communicate and express himself clearly.  He ate a good breakfast, met with the doctor on call, and was well taken care of by the nursing staff at Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

He expressed to the doctor his desire to go home to Summerside.  The doctor stated, that they would feel better transporting him back to the Prince County Hospital, Summerside, where the hospital staff there could determine if he would be well enough to go home to his family home.

As of now, he is back at the Prince County Hospital, Summerside.  He was transported via ambulance around 3pm today from Charlottetown.  I checked in with him around 7:30pm tonight and he was sleeping.

My mother seemed to feel he was worse tonight because he seemed confused earlier.  I found him to be much the same as the previous night.  Hopefully, James being back to Summerside, gives him strength and will to live.

I noticed last night that he is not done with us yet, nor are we.