(some updates {in chronological order} from his sister, Irene [thank you, Irene])

Thursday, 12 December

[James] said to tell you here is doing better than last week. He is sleeping not to bad at night, only waking a couple times.  The Home care service is really good. Someone comes in the morning for bathing and then the nurse for changing of bandages.  Home care has been good to help us set up his room & the bathroom.  We hope to get him up in the chair today.

Friday, 13 December

He is doing as well as can be expected.  Last night he had some issues with his nose plugging up which makes it harder to breathe through his nose.  Thus, in the middle of the night he got up & sat in the special chair where he slept like a lamb, or maybe it was actually a goat since there definitely was some snoring.  His spirits are good.  We are keeping good records.  Heather, the Home Care worker, is with him now.  Dr Kelly is coming to see him today.

Saturday, 14 December

James has had a fever the last 3 nights but within a noon we were able to get it down.

James has just left for the hospital by ambulance.  He is going to be in for a few days to get his pain medical regulated and get his bowels working. They have not moved since he has been home.

Tuesday, 17 December

I saw him tonight.  Both Dr. Kelly & Dr. Nicholson were in to see him today. Yesterday they did some test on James.  As a result James received 2 units of Blood today. They are also monitoring his pain trying to get the right formula. He had a temperature last night but it was down today. He looked good tonight.