(an update by the Webmeister)

I talked with the family early last week (Tuesday 10 December if memory serves).

His sister reported that once James got home, he was feeling better. The doctors and nurses seem able to manage his pain better.  So he is feeling more comfortable.

He even managed to get out of bed and sit in his chair. (Yes, his brother-in-law managed to dismantle the special medical chair that 2 of his friends {from Wikwemikong} so generously bought for him and drove it back to PEI for him!)

He was sleeping well and eating better.  James’ mother is a fantastic cook!

I spoke to Mrs. Profit (his mother) this morning (Tuesday 17 December, a week later).  James is in hospital for a few days to clear up a little digestion issue.  (Not an unusual side-effect from all the pain meds he is taking, I would guess.)  He is certainly expected home before Christmas.

His family are reading all your wonderfully supportive prayers and messages to him from the blog comment section.

I will be posting more of the family’s updates from this past week shortly.

I, like many of you, do not understand the mystery that is prayer.  With all these our prayers, how could it be that James is still grievously ill?  I do not know why or how….

But one thing we do know – that James is in the hands of the living God.  And God’s name is love.  This we know.  And in this love we trust.  And to this love and to this God we entrust our James.  –especially in these days of pain and patience.