Monday, 09 December (an update from the webmeister, aka Richard Soo sj)

Giving great thanks to God and with gratitude for all your prayers and efforts on his behalf, James was able to make it back to his home in PEI this afternoon.

He is doing as well as can be under the circumstances – though understandably very tired from the long trip home (almost 9 hours from door to door).

This has been a difficult week for James.

It began very well.  On Sunday he had the grace of being able to say “goodbye” to all those kind enough to drop in to see him during the Advent Open House at the Red House Jesuit Community here in Guelph.  He felt fine that Sunday night and even Monday, when he saw more people.

While he very much enjoyed the visits, it was an effort that cost considerable energy.  He came down with a fever.  The fever perdured, and we were worried about him.  As the fever persisted day after day, we were concerned whether he could regain enough health to be able to take the flight home.  Thanks to the nursing of his brother-in-law Rick, who has been caring for him this last while, and who managed to get him antibiotics from the doctor, his fever finally broke on Sunday.

As he was feeling so very unwell, James realized that he was unable to receive any more friends who wanted to come to say goodbye to him.  He was disappointed.

Very early Monday morning, an ambulance was arranged to come and transport him to the plane along with his brother Ron and sister Norma who had come up in order to bring him back to the Island.  His family also arranged for an ambulance to bring him from the aeroport to his home in Summerside.

On behalf of the Jesuit Community (and especially James himself, of course), I would like to thank each and all of you who have prayed and continue to pray for James.  A heartfelt thanks in particular for those who came to help him in those many ways, great and small, in these past 2 years as James struggled for his health.  A special thanks to his family, who were so faithful in coming up to Guelph to support James, whether in our home or in hospital, and who now are lovingly caring for him during this part of his journey.

Please continue in your prayers and support for James, now in the heart of his ever beloved PEI, with the red dirt underfoot and as many potatoes as he can stand to eat.

(ps. His family will be reading your comments on this blog to James.)