I had a doctor’s appointment on Thursday of last week. I felt more encouraged after the appointment. She said that these first measurements may not be indicative of much. She wants to wait until I have completed three rounds, before making a decision about further treatments. (This would bring me to mid December.) Another factor for waiting is that my body seems to be handling the side effects okay. Earlier on, I have had some vomiting but this was never out of control. There have been no signs of infection.

My hemoglobin in the blood is low, which explains why I have been so tired. This is a normal reaction to the drug, and Dr. McCarron might give me a blood transfusion next week when I go for my treatment. I have been sleeping many hours a day over the last few weeks. The fatigue continues.

So, this is all good news and much more encouraging for me. Even knowing that the fatigue is caused by a low hemoglobin blood count is encouraging, as this is a normal reaction.

I had the first cycle of my second round on Friday of last week. The side effects have been quite tolerable and much better than the first cycle of the first round, four weeks ago.

I know that I am certainly not out of the woods yet. Recently, I have had a couple of new lesions appear. But I am slowly learning that this is all unpredictable. As a friend pointed out to me last week, I had quoted Romans stating, “Now hope which is seen is not hope. For who hopes for what is seen?” and yet, I was basing my hope on the measurements of these lesions, something concrete which I could see! Because of this, I was becoming discouraged rather than hopeful. The journey continues.