On Monday, I received word that I have been approved to receive the drug romidepsin. It is a great relief to know that I will be proceeding forward. The drug has to be sent from the United States. I could receive treatment this coming Friday or Monday, depending on when it arrives.

This is a new drug. I am the second patient at the cancer clinic to receive it. The drug is not covered by the Canadian medical system (because it is so new). The drug company is paying for the drug. The delay was caused by the necessity to get approval from the company for coverage, as well as its consent to release the drug. My haematologist also had to get approval from Health Canada to have the drug released in Canada. I am grateful to Dr. McCarron for persevering through the process. I have to admit though, that gratitude was not always there as I waited and struggled with impatience, not knowing when I would start!

It is a bit strange to be looking forward to receiving treatment knowing that the side effects are nausea, diahrea, etc. It is also a bit daunting to go forward, as I know that this is the last kick at the can. Perhaps a better way to think of it is that it is one of the avenues remaining for a miracle to happen!

I am feeling a bit more tired. I now have about nine lesions. So, this cancer is developing fast. I also have developed neuropathy in my legs. This is a side effect from past chemotherapies. I have tingling in my feet, as well as stiffness in my legs. It makes walking a bit harder. This does not give me much pain, though. The pain is from the lesions.

Last Saturday, the Ignatius Jesuit Centre had the “100 Year Feast” to celebrate 100 years of Jesuit presence at our centre. It was a great celebration, and it was a great occasion to meet many friends. My sister, Sheila, visited from Cape Breton Island this weekend, and came to the feast. It was wonderful to see her. Initially, I thought I would miss the feast because I would be in treatment. Yet, make it I did. One never knows just quite how God works!