It is James, here with the first writing for a long while. Thank-you, Yvonne, for updating the blog over the last few weeks. Thanks as well to all of you for your support and continued prayers. When I find it hard to trust my own prayers, I am comforted to know that I am supported by this whole community of prayer from all around the world. I can trust your prayer much easier! Thank-you.

I had an appointment with the stem cell specialist in Hamilton yesterday. He is very pleased with how the recuperation from the transplant is going. My blood counts are all up to where they should be and he was pleasantly surprised at how quickly this happened. It means that the stem cells have engrafted in the bone marrow and that the transplant procedure has been a real success. I can feel this success every day. When I left the hospital eight days ago, I was very fatigued and could not venture far from the bed. Today, I was able to walk for 25 minutes – albeit quite slow for me, but nevertheless it is quite a difference. Our infirmary in Pickering is located on the grounds of another retreat house – Manresa Spirituality Centre. The grounds are beautiful with wonderful large trees. It is also very quiet. It is a great place to walk. I still get tired easily, but I am rejoicing in the quickness of the change.

Though we know that the stem cell transplant has been a success, it is still too early to say that all the chemo which I received in the six days before the transplant has been successful. The best sign of success would be the healing of the two remaining ulcers and the end of receiving any more lesions. There is a definite improvement in the smallest ulcer. I still have some pain in the ulcer on the side. At least it is not growing. I will know more about this in the weeks ahead. So, your prayers are still needed!

I will be in Pickering for at least another week. Then back to Guelph. Of course, I have plans for the remainder of the summer, but this all depends on how well the healing goes. It is still a struggle to live one day at a time!