Hi folks,

This is Yvonne with another update. I spoke with Jim last night. He is grateful to be at the Jesuit home in Pickering and able to get up and about more. He is walking a bit each day –outdoors –, and each day he’s able to do a little more than the last. This seems to be a strong rebound from the procedure; not everyone gets even this amount of energy back this quickly. Jim says the lesions are shrinking, though one is still giving him pain. He sounded pretty lively last night, and that was after just coming in from a walk. (He also sounds really relieved at having better food than in the hospital!)

Jim says he’ll definitely be in Pickering for another 9 days. He sees the doctor this Tuesday, and again the following week.

I know we are all continuing to pray for these stem cells to be doing the deepest, most healing work possible for Jim. I am glad to be with you all in prayer.