Jim’s blood count is starting to come back up again, so he hasn’t needed any more blood transfusions. He tells me that this is also a sign that the stem cells are grafting on. (hooray!) The medical team are now talking about him being able to leave possibly on Wednesday and go on to the Jesuit infirmary in Pickering to rest and recuperate. His energy is very low and he is sleeping more during the day. Jim has mentioned before that he’s been told it will take three to six months to get his energy and strength back. Hopefully a week or two in Pickering will be enough time to build up his strength enough to return to Guelph.

Jim’s eager to be out of the hospital, and finding it a little hard to keep waiting. But he realized that it’s probably a good sign that a bit of antsy-ness has come. (He’s not even been outdoors since going there almost three weeks ago!) In Pickering he’ll be able to start walking a bit outdoors.  

I’ll be in touch again in a day or two.