Hi folks,

The good news is that JIm is proceeding right on schedule. But of course that means Jim’s white blood cell count has hit a very low point, as expected. This has required blood transfusions the last two days. This means Jim’s immune system is quite weak and he is susceptible to even the smallest bug, which his body has almost no capacity to fight off. The low blood count has also left Jim much weaker and tired.

So that boils down to us all waiting a little while longer to visit him, while still sending our thoughts through prayer and email. I will talk with him again some time Sunday and let you know how he is.

The stem cells they put back into Jim’s system last week are supposed to take about 10 days to graft onto where they belong. Then they can really have an effect on the cancer. So there’s no real update about that aspect at this point. But the fact that his body has been responding as expected is good.

Jim is still seeing just a few of his immediate family, including one or two of his local Jesuit brothers, so he has company to see him through this. His mom and two sisters are with him, and Richard, the local Jesuit superior goes down every day. (They are all being very careful about contagion!)

As I mentioned last week, though Jim is not replying to emails, he IS reading them and really appreciates them.

with you all in prayer,