JIm is doing well, though feeling a bit more tired. All went according to plans Wednesday as Jim received his stem cells back into his system. Unfortunately it’s typical for the procedure to nauseate the patient, and Jim was no exception. But the cells are back in, and all the treatments seem to be helping already. His lesions seem to be a bit smaller, and the pain from the lesions has gone.

The procedure will cause Jim more tiredness over the next few days, probably hitting its worst on Wednesday. Jim’s mom and sister came in yesterday and will be with him for the week. And he’s been getting a visit each day from one of his fellow Jesuits.

Email continues to be a good way to communicate, as Jim is not up to visitors. Jim specifically asked me convey his thanks for your email messages. He is not up to replying to email, but he IS reading emails and really appreciates your notes.

I am grateful that we are all holding Jim in prayer together, Yvonne