Tomorrow, if all goes well, I will begin three weeks of hospitalization at the Juravinski Hospital in Hamilton. This seems like a long time coming, and a long wait. The wait has made me look forward to the stay, even though I know it will mean six days of chemotherapy treatment before the retrieval of my stem cells on June 19th, and then two weeks of recuperation after this.

During this time of waiting, I have had to rely on the strength of God perhaps unlike any other time since being diagnosed. Fear and anxiety have been present. The grace I sought was increase intimacy, trust and freedom. The graces have been received, though I am still a big work in progress! It has been an intense but blessed time of struggle.

During the last couple of weeks, the two remaining lesions have begun to grow again. I have more pain, and so I am taking pain killers. This is discouraging news as it would be more ideal to have the cancer less active before I went into this operation.

HOSPITALIZATION. During my stay in the hospital, I will have my computer and will be able to send e-mails from time to time and of course, receive e-mails. Yvonne Prowse has agreed to provide periodic updates in this blog about how I am doing. I may provide some updates as I am able. Yvonne will also let people know through this blog as to whether it is a good time to visit. Now, I think I would like to have short visits from friends, but perhaps this may change as the three weeks proceed. Members of my family plan to be present throughout the three weeks. My sisters and mother will be coming up from the Maritimes, two at a time, and will spell each other off throughout the duration.

I continue to be so grateful for all of your support, which has been a comforting sign of the presence of God in the midst of all of this. It has sustained me. Of course, your prayers are needed now more than ever! Thank-you!