Thursday, I went to Hamilton to have my stem cells harvested but it could not be done because my white blood cell count was too low. Yesterday, I returned and the white blood cell count was up. The stem cells were harvested but I was told that we could not proceed because my body was not producing enough stem cells. This was disappointing to hear. I so wanted the process to continue.

We are now working on another plan. Beginning next weekend I will receive more of the same drug that I have been receiving for many days before the harvest (neupogen), followed an injection of a different drug on June 4. On June 5 and possibly June 6, we will try again to harvest the cells. This means that my hospitalization for the transplant will be delayed by 6 days until June 12. There is a 75% chance that this plan B will work. If it does not, I will not have the transplant.

All of this is disappointing news. However, I realize that I can choose to continue to believe in the possibility of healing or not. Your prayers make it easier to choose and hold onto the possibility of plan B’s working out. I know that I certainly am not in control of this process. Now more than ever, I need to give it over to God.