It is a while since I wrote. I visited the specialist and his assistant yesterday. They gave the go ahead for the stem cell transplant to go through. There was some question about this, as in the two week before I received the chemotherapy on May 13th, my lesions began to grow slightly. This was discouraging and was indicative of an active cancer still. The alternative to proceeding with the stem cell transplant was to harvest the stem cells and store them for up to ten years. I would then begin another therapy treatment, and eventually do the transplant at a later date. However, since the chemotherapy, the lesions have receded again and so all is a go. Tomorrow, I have the stem cells harvested, which is a 9 hour procedure at the Hamilton hospital.

This round of chemotherapy has been easier for me. I have had no sickness and not major loss of energy. It is such a blessing!

This time of unknowing has been difficult for me. I have had anxiety. As I analyzed my situation, I realized that I had the feeling that I was losing control. I had everything planned as to when this treatment would be over, when I would be in PEI after this, etc. So much for the plans! And I was also just getting tired of more treatment. Once I realized that which was operating in me, things were better and I prayed for the grace of freedom.

Various members of my family will be here for the transplant procedure (beginning with hospitalization on June 6). This will be good. My brother and three of his children will be here for a few days next week as well, for a visit.

Spring has come with full force. The earth is full of abundance and it is showing its stuff. I realized that I have approached this spring, usually my favourite time of the year, with some sadness as I am unable to get out in it and garden. I was resisting it, in fact. However, once I realized this, I have been able to appreciate it more and see that the lilacs and apples are in their full glory.

This coming Sunday is our annual LAND BLESSING, beginning at 10:00. It is always a beautiful ceremony when we traverse across the farm thanking God and appreciating the land for its blessing. For more information see