Yesterday I had the pheresis catheter inserted in my chest just below my collarbone. It was a fairly minor operation which was accomplished as an outpatient at the Hamilton hospital. I will have this for a couple of months now, so I might as well befriend it! This means that the stem cell transplant process has begun, for which I am grateful. I am not good at waiting!

This has been a difficult week. I am having sinus issues which is making it more difficult to breathe and therefore to sleep. All of this and the impending process have given me some anxiety.

I will be receiving chemotherapy on Monday. I will be in the hospital for 11 hours for this. After this I will receive a daily injection of a drug which will increase the production of cells so that there are enough stem cells in the blood stream to be collected through the catheter on May 23. I am looking forward to getting started the next stage in the process even though I know it will not be that enjoyable.

This week has been very warm. We have moved from early spring to early summer in a matter of a few days. It is a beautiful time of the year. I am trying to appreciate it for what it is.