I saw the stem cell specialist and some of his team yesterday. The operation is on. This is a month long process. It includes another round of chemotherapy on May 13, the harvesting of stem cells on May 23, and hospitalization on June 6 for about three weeks. I have 6 days of receiving chemotherapy beginning June 7, followed by the receiving back of my stem cells on June 13.

I am going into this with mixed feelings. I am relieved to begin the process, but the dominant feeling is that I just want it over with. I dread the rounds of chemotherapy in between. Yet, I am pleased that the previous rounds of chemotherapy have worked and that I am able to receive the operation. I also am being called to live in the moment and not simply to live for the end. This is a big challenge for me. I have a bit of a break now before the next chemo, so I will take advantage of this to build up some strength.

My sister, Sheila, has been visiting over the last few days. It is great having her here. She lives in Cape Breton Island.

Spring has finally arrived. It is such a beautiful time of the year. Each day brings new expressions of life. There must be a lesson in this as well!