Daffodils in Snow

Daffodils in Snow

Spring has been trying hard to become a reality but it is getting some setbacks. This morning we woke to a layer of snow on the ground. The photo is of daffodils (the official flower of the Canadian Cancer Society) which just came to bloom on the south side of our house two days ago. Daffodils surrounded by snow perhaps symbolize my cancer journey more than I might like! Hope is persevering, though!

I have had the last treatment of this round of this type of chemo on Thursday, which followed a treatment the previous Thursday. I feel as though I have reached another milestone. It is great to have these treatments behind me. The week in between the treatments had the predictable side effects. I feel better now, and looking forward to getting stronger with each day. Though this is the last round of chemo, it is not the last chemo that I will receive. I will need more chemotherapy with the stem cell transplant. I see a doctor concerning this operation on April 30.

The two remaining lesions continue to improve. In fact, one is almost healed.

Regardless of this morning’s snow, it is a beautiful time of the year. It is a time that compels me to be outside more. Last week I could not move far, but at least I was outside for a short period each day.