Mom and Maureen Brennan

Mom and Maureen Brennan

This has been an active week. I have had a couple appointments with my doctor, and a CT scan. I will begin the new round of chemo treatment tomorrow. It is suppose to take 7 hours. I will not have to stay in the hospital overnight. I had once thought that I might have to do so. Like the previous rounds of chemo, the cycles consist of three weeks. However, with this treatment I will have two sessions of chemo per cycle, on day 1 and day 8. I have a mixture of feelings going into this treatment. There is a lot resting on it. The side effects will likely be even more pronounced, so I am not looking forward to this. However, in the weeks since my last treatment the ulcers have grown quite a bit. I am therefore looking forward to some relief from this.

I have experienced the wonderful gift of community over these last couple of weeks. People, you, have been so supportive. I continue to feel that I am floating within a community of prayer. There have been some important visits with friends. My mother and sister, Maureen, visited this past weekend. It was great for us to touch base. Their trip was delayed a day because the high winds on the Island prevented their departure, and they also returned at the tail end of a snow storm. A little bit of drama makes things more exciting.

I am still sitting with the sober news I received from my visit to Sunnybrook. Interestingly, when confronted with death, I realize how blessed my life is. What once concerned me greatly seems so trivial now. I do not fear death, as I have great confidence that death only leads to new life. Indeed, I already have experienced new life in the midst of this struggle. I appreciate the life that I have been given and I greatly desire to continue to live from this blessing. Life is great and I really do not want to let go! It is from this comforting place that I enter into chemo again.

Some friends have planned a prayer service this Sunday. This is another example of the community at prayer! I copy the notice here.

A Prayer Service of Healing for Fr. Jim Profit will be held on Sunday, February 10 at 3pm at St. Brigid’s Villa, Ignatius Jesuit Centre. Because Jim’s relationship with creation is so central to him and because Jim has seen his own cancer as part of the suffering of the Earth, a portion of the prayer will be held outdoors on the Ignatius Centre land. Dress for walking in the weather that day. Jim hopes to participate in the service, which will be followed by tea and cookies. All are welcome. If you cannot attend you can send prayers/ messages to include in a book that will be available for guests to sign. Driving directions/ map: Contributions of home-baked cookies are gratefully accepted. For more information:; 519-824-1250, x 284.