Yesterday I had an appointment with my doctor, Dr. McCarran. She decided to stop the chemotherapy that I was receiving because it has not worked. I have two sizable ulcers which have slightly increased in size since treatment, and I have receive two more lesions close to these two ulcers. Of course the ulcers were supposed to decrease in size and heal. This decision was not a surprise for me as I could see that there was no progress.

Dr. McCarran wants me to see a doctor at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto for a second opinion. However, she thinks that the next plan for treatment is to use another form of chemotherapy. I will also need 6 treatments of this, and these will be three weeks apart. There is another possibility of using an antibody drug called Campath. I will wait to begin either treatment until after I see the specialist, unless I should get more lesions in the meantime. So, I wait again. . .

Last week, my sister, Jean Profit, found out that her cancer has returned. She had breast cancer less than three years ago. This time it is two spots of bone cancer on her spine. She is being treated for this, but she can continue her work in the midst of treatment. Jean lives in Darnley, PEI. Please add her to your prayer list as well!

This is not a good news entry. Yet, it is what it is! When I was first diagnosed, I never could have imagined the twists and turns of this cancer journey. It is just as well. Again, I am so appreciative of the support I receive, and yesterday that support was evident in surprising ways.