Where the Marden Creek Meets the Speed River

Where the Marden Creek Meets the Speed River

I like this time of Christmas very much. It is a joyful time, when people take more time just to be with each other. As a friend mentioned in an e-mail note, there is a lot of goodness around. I also like it because the snow has arrived, which has brightened up things quite a bit. I like the change of seasons, and last year I minded such a bad excuse for winter. We had a sprinkling of snow for Christmas, but now the ground is definitely covered. We have enough snow for cross country skiing but not too much to prevent walking on the trails. This Christmas season, I did less socializing as I had a treatment on December 27th, though it was great to receive some visitors. It was nice to allow the season to pass by and absorb the grace of it.

Yesterday was New Years Day. Last year, I greeted the new year with lots of optimism that I would be well by the end of it. That was my plan! This year, I am more solemn about the new year. I find it hard to plan much about the future. I have to admit, experiencing a disease like this causes me to reflect on death as well as life. Frankly, at this point, I do not know really what it will be for me this new year. Sometimes the faith in restored health is lacking. Yet, usually at these times, someone tells me that she/he is praying for me. I have been so consoled by the prayers that people offer for me. Individuals with their own particular prayers. Church communities are praying. A Jewish woman lit a candle for me in a European cathedral. A friend offered extra prayers for me at the shrine of St. Katerie Tekakwitha in Kanahwake. Others are praying through Katerie’s intercession. It is humbling, and I find that when my trust is least and hope is diminishing, I am simply carried by these prayers and know that I can trust in them at least; I am carried by the community of prayer. Thank-you for your prayer!

I am bracing for the coming week but I know I will get through it. It has simply become part of the journey, now.

Blessings to all for 2013. Thank you so much for your support during this past year.