The New Creation Hermitage waiting for snow for the full Christmas experience

The New Creation Hermitage waiting for snow for the full Christmas experience

I was due to have my fourth treatment today, but it has been postponed until Dec 27th. I had a high fever over the weekend. I went to the hospital emergency on Friday night where I received some antibiotics by intravenous, and a prescription for more to be taken this week. It seems to be doing the trick, as by Sunday the fever was gone, though the body still weak. I cannot confess that I readily welcomed this fever, as I was on my back for the days that were supposed to have been my better energy days. There just cannot be any firm plans in this business of treatment!

I must say though that I am relieved to have the treatment delayed. This will mean that I will be able to be much stronger before the treatment, and that I will be able to experience Christmas without dealing with side effects of the drugs. If I had a treatment today, Christmas and Boxing Day would have been days 8 and 9, the two worst days of the cycle. I am now half way through the treatments, so it is perhaps time to take an extended break! A small blessing for sure. Our Jesuit community will have Christmas dinner here at the Red House, and then we get together from Dec 26 – 29 for a few days of relaxation and sharing.

Christmas must be getting near as during this past week, we had a staff retreat day and our staff party. Both were nice experiences. Last night we decorated our Christmas tree, cut fresh from our land. I have managed to stay out of the malls so far. (I did some limited shopping in downtown Guelph, instead.) I decided not to send Christmas cards for a second year. There is always next year.

My cousin, Charlotte (Profit) Christopher, died in PEI from cancer this past week. The Toronto apartment of Charlotte and her first husband, Eddie, was a welcome haven of PEI in the city, during my first year of theology studies (1987-88). It was a place to get some good PEI food, and the PEI phonebook perpetually by the phone is still a clear image in my mind. Early in my second year of studies, Eddie died of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He was the first person with nHL whom I remember. I was with Charlotte at the time of his death. Charlotte moved back to PEI after the funeral (also in PEI), and eventually remarried. I saw her this August, and I thought that she was not far from death then.