The Road to Bethlemhem

The Road to Bethlemhem

I have made it through then worst part of this cycle between the treatments. Perhaps the experience of the previous cycles has helped me to endure these days. I look forward now to increasing strength before my next treatment on December 18th.

This is the first week of Advent. I love this liturgical year. It is the season for me to acknowledge my yearnings for new birth. This week, the climate change conference is also happening in Qatar. I have to go to the end of the news section of our newspaper to read any news about it. Of course, I yearn for my own healing, but in this first week of Advent I again sense that my personal healing is so connected to the healing of Earth. As our society’s addiction to consumerism is even more evident during these weeks before Christmas, I am less optimistic about the latter. Yet, Advent is not about optimism, but about hope. The liturgical readings of this week, especially from Isaiah, reinforce this. Oh come, oh come Emanuel!

Last Saturday, the Ignatius Jesuit Centre had our “Road to Bethlehem”. This is the live nativity that we hosted for the past three years. It was a great event, and many people from our surrounding area attended. There was even snow on the ground for the event (which disappeared the next day). It was a great way to enter into the season.

On Sunday, the Jesuit community also had our annual Advent open house party at the Red House. It also was a great event, and a chance to see many friends, some of whom had come as far away as Toronto and Stratford.

Enjoy these Advent days of hope!