"self portrait"

“self portrait”


I feel so much better this past week. I have much more energy. I am almost through the first three week cycle. I think knowing the pattern – i.e. the second week is the worst, followed by a good week – will make it easier to get through the other cycles. And yes, I lost my hair this week as well. I had it chopped off on Wednesday. I am due to have another treatment tomorrow. I told some of my American friends that I will offer it up for the US election!Labyrinth in the Great Auk Trail

I took advantage of my increased energy and went for a long walk around our farm yesterday. Most of the leaves are gone, but these early days of November have their own beauty. It feels great to be outside, and it does much to boost my spirits.

This was quite a week, weather wise, with the hurricane which belted the east coast of the US. We had some high winds and rain here, but nothing too major. This same hurricane passed directly through Jamaica as well. I find it interesting that God gets blamed for these “acts of God,” when we are doing very little about climate change and it has not even been an issue in the US election.