The rainbow at our Sunday gathering

The Family at Loyola House

I have not begun the chemotherapy treatments yet. I need an additional drug which is not covered by OHIP. We are waiting government approval of coverage since I do not have additional medical coverage.  This is holding up the start. Hopefully we will begin soon. I know that patience is a virtue!

While I want to get started, I cannot say that I am overjoyed about having to do so. It is a different experience than it was last fall. It was all so new. Now it seems more like an endurance test, even though I have not even started yet. In my better moments I look forward to having more time to read, etc. I can almost see and feel the gift that this time will be, but I cannot say that I am fully there yet. There is more to learn.

This is such a beautiful time of the year here. The colours seem to be at their peak right now. Thirteen of my family were here the weekend before last. They came from PEI, Cape Breton Island, Toronto and Ottawa. It was great to have them here. We attended our fundraiser dinner, the Organic Feast, on Saturday. On Sunday, a number of relatives living in this area joined six of the visitors who had not returned home yet for dinner at St. Brigid’s Villa. It was a great excuse to gather the clan from both sides of the family. Also on Sunday, three of my sisters harvested my garden. We had our first frost on Monday, so it was a great relief to have this done.

Enjoy the fall colours!