Our Family Cottage

I have now been back in Guelph for just over a week. I had a great time in PEI – just over three weeks. It was the longest time in the summer that I spent in PEI since I was a Jesuit. I stayed the whole time at our family cottage in Cascumpec. There are five cottages next to each other that are owned by my family, and my sister has her permanent home one kilometer up the river. So, it was a nice relaxing way to spend with family. The weather was warm and dry. In fact, I do not remember it being so dry.

Last Thursday I had an appointment with my doctor. I will need the full round of chemotherapy, and this will likely begin before the end of the month. I still have the two lesions which have not healed. Within the last short while I have received a few other lesions. As Dr. Kuk said, we can chase these lesions with radiation, but it is like weeding – we can pull the weeds, but other weeds will keep coming. I will also need more tests before I begin the chemo.

This is not the news I really wanted to hear. I have been so looking forward to being able to state that I was cancer free! So far, the fall seems to be repeating the previous fall. I was first diagnosed on August 29, 2011. I have to admit that I dread the chemo more this year, as I already have the experience of it. However, I will eventually absorb the message that I must put my plans aside and allow this healing journey the time that it requires. I am ready!