Yesterday morning, Jim Webb died. Jim was diagnosed with cancer in January – actually a return of the cancer first diagnosed over three years ago. Jim witnessed how to live life, and during these last few months, how to die. He never lost his spirit and perseverance.

Jim was a friend and mentor. We shared a Maritime background. We worked and lived together during my four years in Jamaica. He had a passionate commitment to people of limited economic means and to social justice. He was a committed proponent of the co-operative movement, instrumental in starting housing co-operatives in Toronto and Kingston Jamaica, and a farmers’ co-operative in Annotto Bay. Jim returned to Toronto four years ago to become our Jesuit provincial. Beyond all this he was simply a nice guy, with a good sense of humour and very supportive of others. He will be missed by many in Canada and Jamaica.

I arrived in PEI yesterday as well. I left Tuesday around mid day after receiving a blood test, so I took three days to drive to the Island. I look forward to a few weeks here.