Our yard after last week’s 12 minute hail storm

Our vegetable garden with strawberries in foreground

Time is going by fast. Time for another update.

Not much has changed health wise, except that my energy is steadily improving and is very good. I still have two wounds (from the cancer lesions) that are slowly healing. Each requires an almost daily change of bandage. One of the side effects of the methotrexate, the anti cancer chemo drug which I take once a week, is that it slows down the healing of the wounds. I am less patient with the slowness of the healing of the wounds now that my energy is so good!

A couple of weeks ago, I went to PEI to preside at my niece’s wedding. Johannah Profit married Blair Salter. It was a great wedding, and a great visit. As weddings usually are, it was a great family time. I also spent two days in the garden, getting my hands in the red earth – one day in my sister-in-law’s garden and one day in the garden of our family cottage.

Speaking of gardens, I have been able to spend more time in the garden this year. The home gardens (vegetable and flower) are looking good. The first strawberries were picked yesterday! I have been getting some help from friends Cecilia Meiering and Carol Macrae. They just show up and go at it. I think my wounds will be happy now that the gardening is done for a while.

On Tuesday, I will begin to lead an eight day ecology retreat at Providence Spirituality Centre in Kingston, Ontario. Soon after I get back, I will leave for Europe. I lead two retreats in Ireland in July. I am looking forward to the travel, and the retreats. I plan to spend three weeks in PEI during August. This means that I will not be in Guelph much this summer. Of course, all this depends on my health situation. I am gradually trying not to get ahead of myself with my plans, and give in to this body! I do not always succeed.

Last Monday I went to our Jesuit infirmary in Pickering to visit Jim Webb. His health continues to deteriorate. He is able to get out of bed a couple of times a day, in a wheel chair. He is very thin. He is in good spirits, and is teaching us how to die.

I am not sure how regular the updates will be once I begin the travel. Yet, I will try and write some. Next week is the beginning of summer. Have a great summer!