Yesterday, I informed our staff that I have resigned as the Executive Director of the Ignatius Jesuit Centre.

During this past year, I have experienced a gradual desire to be relieved of administration for a period of time to allow my health to become a priority. I want to cut down on some of the stress of my life. I plan to remain at the Centre to focus on ecology programming and retreat work. I am excited by this prospect, and look forward to it very much.

My decision was made easier knowing that Lisa Calzonetti and Roger Yaworski will remain in administration, taking on added responsibilities. For my last three years of work, we worked as a team, and they did very well during my absence. Their gifts will be very positive for our centre.

I am pleased with all that which we accomplished during the almost ten years in administration of one form or another. We have great staff at the centre. It is time for someone else to lead the team.

Our land blessing went very well. We had great weather, with a perfect temperature. This is always a fun event. There were various people who were there for the first time, and it was nice to see them. With the blessing, the growing season is now officially begun. We just need some rain!

Tomorrow I leave for PEI to preside at my niece’s wedding. Johanna Profit will marry Blair Salter in Charlottetown on Saturday. Of course, I am looking forward to visiting family and touching the ground again. I just may also get my hands in the red earth in the gardens of my sister-in-law and mother. I have a few extra days. I return next Tuesday.