Land Blessing from a previous year

Land Blessing from a previous year

Wow, four weeks have passed since the last posting! I guess I must be getting better – and more active.

First the medical update. I still have bandages on two lesions, but one of them (the first one which I received) is almost healed. The healing is slow, but steady. I remain on the maintenance chemo drug, and will do so until the fall at least. My next appointments to visit the radiation and chemotherapy doctors are on August 3 (both on the same day). So obviously, the distance of time to the appointments is a very good sign. As my energy level increases, I find I need more patience! I am ready for this to be over. Yet, I remain so grateful. This spring, I have so much more appreciation for the gift of life.

I have spent much of the past week in the garden. I have had great help from Cecilia Meiering and Carol Macrae and the Jesuit novice, Kevin Kelly. In fact, I have never been so on top of the gardening at this time of the year, as I have been this year. It is so great to be in the garden again. I am feeling parts of my body which I had forgotten existed!

The land is very active now, with our farmers and farm interns planting the crop, and the over 130 gardeners putting in their gardens at the community gardens. Last year this time, it was so wet that we could not get the crop in. This year, it is so dry that already we are irrigating. Our apple crop will also be poor, as we had frosts when the apple blossoms were out (earlier than usual). Oh, the unpredictability of climate change!

Since the last posting, I have been on retreat. It was a very consoling experience. I also have had another visit from my sister, Sheila, who was in Toronto for a conference. A great visit.

This Sunday is our annual land blessing. This is always a fun time of enjoying and celebrating the outdoors. For those of you close to Guelph, come! We begin around 10:00 a.m. at St. Brigid’s Villa.

I am looking ahead to the summer. I bought my tickets for Europe yesterday. I will be leading two retreats in Ireland in July, to which I am very much looking forward. In June I will also be leading a retreat in Kingston. So, I am slowly getting back to things, but I plan not to work full time until September 1. It is nice to enjoy this slower pace of time.