Yesterday, I finished the fifth of my radiation treatments for the two new lesions on my arm. These treatments were much easier. Because I received a stronger dose of radiation, the doctor is hopeful that only five treatments are needed. Of the lesions which received the previous treatments, only two require bandages. The others have healed or almost healed nicely. The two remaining are slowly getting smaller as well. One of these I have had since March last year – a year ago!

I have no new lesions. This means that the low dosage of the chemo drug, which I take once a week, must be working. It is considered “maintenance chemo.” I saw the chemo specialist a week ago and she does not want to see me for another two months. This is good news. I will be seeing the radiation specialist in a couple of weeks.

Tomorrow, I will be going to the Anishinabe Spiritual Centre in Espanola for over a week. This centre is located close to Manitoulin Island where I lived before I came to Guelph in 1999. I am looking forward to the break, and the visit with some friends. This is the first trip that I am taking since I was diagnosed.  This also means that I will be doing without my daily visits from a nurse, who has been coming to our house to change bandages since early September. I can change the few remaining bandages as the wounds are small. I am so impressed with the quality of care that the home care nurses brought, and always with good cheer. It is such a great service.

This is mid term break week for the schools in this area. I hope you have a great week if you have it off. We turn our clocks forward on Sunday, so spring must be on the way. I saw the first robins a week ago. Spring is such a hope filled season!