Yesterday, I saw Dr. Joda Kuk, the radiation specialist. We decided to begin radiation again for the two new lesions which came since the radiation finished five weeks ago. Both lesions are located on my left arm. Interestingly enough, most (but not all) of my lesions have been on my left side. I figure that my leftish tendencies must be reacting to the politics of our day! In any case, I will only need five treatments, and this will start next week, and be completed in a week. Unlike previous visits for radiation, the visits will be short because there are only two lesions. I will continue to take the chemotherapy during this time. All the other lesions continue to heal. I have five remaining bandages to be changed every day. It is now just a matter of time.

My nephew, Braeden Brennan, visited last week. He goes to university in Ottawa, and came here for a few days of his reading week. It was great to see him.

It is ten years ago today that my father died. Dad also had non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, but a different type. He died surrounded by his large extended family, and certainly continues to live on in this family.

Over the last week, winter is trying to show itself but not really succeeding. We get some more snow but it disappears soon after. The snow drops are blooming outside our house, and I hear that the maple sap is flowing – both very early. I did manage to get this photo of our Speed River (the eastern boundary of our farm) last week. I am also including a photo of the beaver dam on Marden Creek which joins the Speed River on the south east portion of our farm. I am beginning to walk more. Great news.