It has been a long spell since the last writing.

This afternoon I took the third treatment of chemo in the pill form – four pills once a week. I have had no side effects, which has been great. All the lesions which received radiation are in a state of healing. Two still need a bit to go, but they too are making good progress. I have had two new lesions since radiation but they have not grown, and perhaps even have begun to heal, since I started taking the chemo.

A week ago, I had a visit from my sister (Maureen), brother-in-law (Rick) and their son and my godson (Brohan). The Brennans live in PEI. It was great to have their visit. While I was here, we visited with the families of two cousins as well. Another Brennan nephew, Braeden who is a student in Ottawa, is coming this week for a few days.

I continue to live in the reality of “Cancer is everywhere” theme. Last Saturday, I attended the funeral of Gary Murphy in Richmond Hill. Gary, a year older than I am, grew up in Summerside and died from colon cancer. A couple of days previous to this, we learned the very sad news that Jim Webb, our Jesuit provincial, has cancer. He has resigned his position. I lived and worked with Jim in Jamaica, and have great admiration of him. I just heard this morning that a very good friend of my mother’s received a diagnosis of cancer. The Earth has cancer.

I recall a night dream that I had a couple of weeks ago which clearly indicated that I was experiencing my body as a prison, and was living with the anxiety that I may or may not be released from prison. It was one of those dreams that when I woke, I knew exactly what it meant. I have to say that as the lesions heal and I am in less pain, I feel this less.

My energy has improved, so I find I am a bit busier. As I get more energy back, my life can get busy enough without me even intending it to do so. One of the gifts of this journey has been the message that came along with it, to slow down. Like Martha of the gospel, I am being told that I can fret about many things and miss the most important. My intention is to better live this slower pace even when I recuperate. It may take some effort on my part as old habits die hard!

I had an appointment with a naturopathic doctor, who is also a friend. He recommended some changes in my eating habits, and gave me some supplements as well. The supplements are easy to take; the eating habits are a challenge to implement!