Balsillie Family Building, Grand River Cancer Centre, Kitchener

I am on the home stretch now. Just four more treatments to go! Thursday is the big day for me. I have the final treatment and I see both Dr. Kuk, the radiation specialist, and Dr. MacCarren, the chemotherapy specialist. I will find out then as well how soon I start the chemo.

This week has been a bit of an endurance test. The two hour sessions are seeming longer for some reason. The pain from the lesions is decreasing, but the pain from the radiation burn is increasing. The latter, though, will eventually go away so I am able to put up with it. The radiation therapists at the cancer centre are very impressive as they work my body every day.

My life has been quite simple these days, focused on the daily trips to Kitchener. I am sleeping more hours, so the days are full enough. We have had a very warm winter so far. I prefer the snow at this time of the year, but I have to confess that this weather makes for better traveling back and forth. I cannot do any cross country skiing in any case!