Yesterday marked the half-way point for the radiation treatments. There are ten more treatments remaining.

Ignatius Garden in Winter

So far, all is going well. I can see some changes in the lesions, and there is less pain. So, I am optimistic. I am a bit tired after the treatments, but I am less tired than I thought I would be. Perhaps this tiredness is still yet to come in the second half.

Receiving radiation is becoming routine as well.   A familiarity is developing with the other patients. Cancer does not seem to show any favourites. We are from all ages. Some are dressed in traditional Amish dress. Yesterday a man was wearing a shirt with “Cape Breton Island” written on it. I asked him if he was from Cape Breton. He was (Sydney Mines). Of course, I told him where I grew up. Another woman listening to the conversation said that her father was from the Island (Cardigan). We are everywhere!

Some days there are new patients. I remember the look on their faces as they face the unknown. Strangely, that seems long ago.

The Christmas season was a quiet one this year, which I liked. Our Jesuit community gathered at Loyola House for a few days after Christmas. We usually do this at another location, but decided to stay closer to home so that I could receive the daily visit from my nurse and attend the treatments. As usual, it was a nice time. We received a bit of snow so it began to look like winter. So far though, we have had quite warm weather for the time of the year. There is no cross country skiing possible yet on our trails – not that I could do any in any case.