We have only a scattering of snow here from a few flurries last night. White Christmases are becoming rare events – no doubt, thanks to climate change. Nevertheless, I like this depiction of the Nativity by Canadian artist, William Kurelek. He has a series of paintings depicting the birth of Jesus in the midst of every day activities. And, so it is. May your Christmas be blessed with the birth of Jesus in your midst!

My fourth radiation treatment is this afternoon. So far, all have gone well. The pain has not decreased, but it is still too early for any results. I am feeling a bit more tired from the treatments. I can see that this will be a bit of an endurance test. After today the next treatment is on December 28. I continued to be very impressed with the staff at the cancer centre.

This will be a different Christmas for me. Our Jesuit community will be having a dinner here at the Red House. Four friends from our centre will be joining us. While we gather, my large family will be gathering at my mother’s family house in PEI. I was with them last year. Our celebration last year was saddened by the sudden death of my friend and cousin, Gerald Profit, on Christmas Eve. These days I think of his widow Lissa, whose father also died on Tuesday of this week. These are not the memories that one wants to have at Christmas time.

Our Jesuit community usually goes away for a few days between Christmas and New Years, just to relax with one another. This year, because of my illness, we will be gathering closer to home at Loyola House. I look forward to this time to be together.

Have a blessed Christmas celebration!