I had my first radiation session today. I also received the dates for appointments until January 19. The sessions today took over 4 hours. I have nine lesions that are being treated, and each lesion requires its own time. It took longer today than the norm because it is the first day. Normally the session will be just two and a half hours.

I perhaps have a bit more pain this evening, but overall I am feeling well. I am so relieved to begin. I can now look forward to the lesions healing.

A friend drove me to the hospital in Kitchener and two friends drove me from the hospital to Guelph. While I was there an on a break, I met three people from Guelph and had a nice conversation with them. I also knew one of the radiation therapists who worked on me – also from Guelph. This area is still small enough for these sort of friendly meetings to happen. Such things made the day go so much smoother.

So, I now look forward to my second session tomorrow afternoon!