I was to have my fourth chemotherapy treatment today. However, at my appointment with my doctor on Friday, she decided to shift my treatment to radiation instead of chemotherapy, since the chemo seems to be having little effect on the lesions. The larger lesions will get radiation for two to four weeks (five days a week) and then we will return to receiving chemotherapy. The radiation will start within the next two weeks. I first have to meet with the radiologist and then I will find out more.

It is disappointing to have to begin radiation – actually, the disappointment is in having the lesions persist in the way that they are. Nevertheless, this is just another turn in the road, and I am once again learning that I have little control of the route that needs to be taken. The treatment journey may have to be a bit longer than I had originally anticipated. This continues to be a journey of letting go.

Yesterday the Christian church began the season of Advent. It is a season of joyfully waiting for the new life which is to come. I have always enjoyed this season. There is new meaning for me this year. And so I wait!